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Non-Specified Hazardous Material Removal & Cleanup

Not only do we maintain and remove all hazardous materials, but we neutralize and clean up materials that can cause further issues. These materials include the lead/mold/asbestos that has been cleaned up during the abatement and remediation processes.

In addition, HBC removes old mercury-catalyzed polyurethane flooring and mercury-contaminated demolition debris. Mercury is an element that can cause harmful environmental and health effects when abated or disposed of improperly. Because of previous practices, mercury contamination can be found in some demolition debris across the United States. Mercury was used as a catalyst in some types of synthetic flexible flooring between the 1960s and early 2000s. This flooring, called mercury-catalyzed polyurethane flooring (MCPF), is most commonly found in athletic facilities and gymnasiums.

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