When tough jobs require the best.

In this line of work, there’s little room for error. From hazardous material to meth lab cleanup, at HBC Specialized Contracting, we’re prepared to safely tackle some of the messiest and most dangerous jobs around.

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Welcome to HBC

Since 1988 HBC has successfully tackled some of the messiest and most dangerous jobs around. We understand the importance of safety, quality, flexibility and speed. It all affects the bottom line, and our reputation. We believe in developing strong relationships with our customers because our goal is to become not just your specialized contractor, but your trusted partner.

When facing environmental cleanup issues, you need painless, professional resolutions, and no one is more qualified than HBC. Getting the job done while maintaining a low profile and high level of quality isn’t the industry standard, but it’s always our approach. Our investment in specialized environmental abatement technologies has helped us become a trusted partner for dozens of companies.

Industries We Work With

Our experience includes working with companies across several business sectors. These include healthcare systems; K-12 educational institutions, colleges & universities; small to medium retail and large commercial businesses; as well as big industry. No matter what size building or industry - we can provide you with a solution to resolve any needs.

Where We Work

Our headquarters may be located in Lansing, MI, and a majority of our work happens in the tri-state area, but we do not stop there. HBC has successfully completed projects on both a national and international scale. Needless to say, we will come to you wherever our services are needed. Contact us today about your project.